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SQDC header sheets
for your Team Huddle Boards

Whats New?


You may have seen or used SQDC/QDIP sheets as highly motivating visual controls at the top of each column of Team Huddle Boards.


Each day, the team leader or supervisor colors in one of the 31 cells in each letter —

Green for those days where the team achieved their daily objectives that day...

Red for those days that missed.


There are 2 problems with those headers...


1) What Goals?

Your Systems2win SQDC header sheets have a place to write the team's objectives right beside each colored scorecard.



2) What about your international teams?

Some of your team members in China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. might not know the difference between an English Q, a D, or a C.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a single set of standardized SQDC headers that can be used by every one of your teams around the world?

(And of course, like every Systems2win Excel template, you can also instantly change the words to your preferred language.)


Personalize each
Huddle Board

Each team can personalize their own Team Huddle Board — for the columns and column headers that best summarize THAT team's current goals.

(and each team's goals and headers might change over time)

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SQDC deliverySQDC cost
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