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Team Charters, and
Self-Paced Learning Quizzes

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Project Charters

There are several different project charter templates for different types of process improvement teams and different types of leader preferences.

The Team Charter template

Project Charter template

is designed to be flexible enough to use for any type of team:

It is designed to be easily personalized with Links to YOUR company's standard guidelines, YOUR Team Roles, and other personalized documents related to YOUR project or event.

It is also optimized for quick transfer from Excel to your PowerPoint Presentation of Results.


A3 Project Charter template

The A3 Report (A3Report.doc) is often a good choice for a team charter - especially for teams undertaking projects that are complex enough to justify an explanation of their mission that fits better on an 11x17 piece of paper - and would overflow a little PowerPoint slide.

Hoshin Planning Teams should usually use the A3 Report as a project proposal template. Refer to Thomas Jackson's Hoshin Kanri for the Lean Enterprise as suggested reading to see an excellent team charter example for Hoshin Kanri.

And of course, the A3 Report itself serves as its own charter for an A3 problem-solving project.

The generic Team Charter template is a good choice for a value stream mapping team.

The A3 Report tends to focus the value stream team's mission even more sharply.

SIPOC project charter template

And the SIPOC Diagram is also a popular choice for a value stream mapping team charter - because it so clearly defines the boundaries of the value stream (or target segment of it) - and because the process inputs and outputs are so relevant to so many value streams.


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Self-Paced Learning Quizzes

2Learn Value Stream Mapping

Self-paced learning quiz

If no one in your company has ever done a value stream map, then you really should hire a consultant to help your team get started, and to mentor you through your first few learning lessons.

But then each time that a new member joins your team (six months later, or six years later...), are you really going to re-hire another consultant for another few months?

Probably not.

Learn Value Stream Mapping

That's when you will truly appreciate the value of the Systems2win self-paced learning quiz for Value Stream Mapping.

It has questions about value stream mapping - with links to online training and videos that provide the answers, and then (when they "bring it back green") - with a single glance, a supervisor can have confidence that the new person will now be a much more valuable team member

and you haven't spent all day training each new team member.

2Learn Excel

Self-paced learning quiz

There is another self-paced learning tool that is almost identical - but the subject is to learn Microsoft Excel.

This template has 3 purposes:

  1. To learn some of the most powerful and useful features of Microsoft Excel.
  2. To learn Systems2win's innovations that make Excel even more useful.
  3. To allow a Supervisor to validate that the Learner has learned - with one quick glance.
Learn Excel

A supervisor can simply instruct a person to complete the learning topics in this template.
With a single glance when when the person brings it back, the supervisor can instantly validate that the person has learned what they need to know about Excel in order to be successful using Systems2win templates.

If all the cells are green on the Summary worksheet, then the Supervisor can confidently make a quick entry in the Cross Training Matrix - indicating that the learner has learned.

And every month, the Change Agent can glance at each Cross Training Matrix maintained by each Supervisor - to verify that everyone in the company is indeed learning each of the things that they need to learn in order to truly understand and implement lean throughout the organization.


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