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Hoshin Planning X Matrix

Whats New?

A New Type of Template

X Matrix template

The Hoshin Planning X Matrix has been a popular tool for strategic planning for many years.

The #1 suggestion for improving this template has been:

"Is there any way that this template could be used by people that don't own Systems2win?" (in editable Excel format)

It wasn't easy, but we did it.

The Help sheet of the new X Matrix template has a new button called Generate a Working Document. Simply click that button to generate a copy of your (personalized) master template in a format that can be used by ANY user of ANY version of Excel. (including Macintosh, 64-bit, Cloud, pads, etc.)

And we have changed our license agreement to allow that working document to be used by ANYONE in your organization. (As long as someone in your organization owns a license.)

The genius of this new design is that your master Xmatrix template still retains ALL of the standard features that you have come to expect from all of your other 150+ Systems2win templates. Including features that wouldn't be possible in some cheap internet download or home made tool. Features like:

  • Language translations
  • Drop-down lists
  • Link Icons (to link to related documents)
  • YOUR personalizations that are automatically found and transferred to your new master template each time you upgrade

The Hoshin Plan template has also been revised to include new features that make it even easier and cleaner to link to related documents.

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Leader Standard Work

If you have been using our Leader Standard Work template, you might recognize the Generate a Working Document button that has been a standard feature of that template since it was first introduced.

Leader Standard Work

That button also allows you to choose how many sheets to generate for the number of Days, Weeks, and Months in your unique management review cycle, but it is otherwise very much like the same button now featured in the Hoshin X Matrix.

If you haven't yet started using your Leader Standard Work template, you might want to watch the training video for how to Generate a Working Document.



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New Training Videos

We recently published full-length videos of recorded training sessions for:

  • New User Training
  • How to Personalize
    your Systems2win templates

It is always nicer to get personal attention and answers to your unique questions if you are able to attend an instructor-led webinar,

but these pre-recorded training sessions will be particularly useful to our users that are on the other side of the planet, and any user that simply wants their training right now - with no need to wait for the next live training session.


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Free Update

One big advantage of separating macro code into an add-in (that is separate from the template)
is that you can always download the free update to get latest bug fixes (without needing to replace your templates or working documents).

Job Instructions

Which is a good thing when Microsoft does something silly like it did in October when it changed the way that Excel handles images within an array - which caused a new bug in the Job Instructions template that only manifests if a new row is inserted - that contains an image.

The good news is that all you need to do is download and install the free update.


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