Systems2win templates and training for continuous improvement

'What If' Scenarios

Process Analysis

Alternate Paths

What if the support call gets escalated?

What if this is a rush order?

What if the blood test comes back positive?


Swim Lane Flowchart

Path Codes

Your Systems2win Functional Flowchart and Value Stream Mapping templates have Path Codes

that empower you to instantly switch between different scenarios

(with different critical paths, and different lean metrics)

without needing to re-draw almost-identical process maps (and try to keep those maps in sync as things change)

What are you wanting to do?

If all you want to do is Draw,

then you can use just about any drawing software.


If you want to Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control your value streams and processes,

then you're going to need a drawing tool that can do some pretty advanced math.


Confused math

It's easy to learn
how to draw using Excel

Have you ever tried
using Visio to do math?



What's New

Improved Portal

The Portal home page has been improved, providing better:

  1. helpful guidance for new users
  2. another way to find and open your templates
  3. version control for your personalized templates



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