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Visual Controls for Heijunka Load Leveling

Whats New?

New Visual Control templates
for Pitch Tracking

Leveling the flow of work is a key goal of any lean production system, and Systems2win has recently released several visual control tools to make load leveling easier and more consistent across your many production operations.

Lean Pitch Chart Excel template

For those processes that:

  1. produce a single product or product family
  2. expect a steady flow of production - based on takt time.

a Lean Pitch Chart is the right tool to level the flow of work, and to measure expected vs. actual production output per pitch cycle.

Then to easily spot trends and patterns - the new Monthly Pitch Log uses simple color codings to make it easy to focus your continuous improvement efforts.


Pull Priority Queue Hourly Status Report

When a shared or constrained resource supplies a supermarket or other type of pull kanban system, the visual system for production tracking is usually some form of a Pull Priority Queue, and the Lean Pull Priority Queue Hourly Tracking template is a very useful tool for any operation governed by lean pull rather than lean flow.


Job Log Excel template

You would use a Heijunka Load Leveling Box for a process that also needs to consider variety mix,
and the Job Log can be useful for improving a process that is governed by either a Lean Pull Priority Queue or a Heijunka Box.


All of these new pitch tracking and load leveling templates come as part of the Kaizen & Lean Leadership bundle of templates,
which also includes:

All for only $299
with steep discounts for multiple users

How much are you paying your lean leaders to invent similar home-made templates?

And how would you compare the quality of those home-made templates to these professional ones that come with on-line training, videos, and free technical support?


New free online training
for Lean Visual Controls

Even if you don't yet own your own Systems2win templates, you can still come to our web site for free training.

What are the essential elements of any lean visual control?

What are common examples of lean visual controls charts?

How can data hidden inside a computer be made visual?

What's the right balance between Computer and Hand Written Visual Control Charts?

What's the right balance between Computer and Sticky Note Tracking Systems? (for Suggestions and Team Accountability)

Find the answers to all of these questions on our new free online training for lean visual management.

New free online training
for Heijunka Load Leveling

What does Heijunka Load Leveling Mean?

What's the right tool to level the production load of an operation set up for lean flow vs. an operation set up for lean pull?

When would you use a Heijunka Load Leveling Box instead of a Lean Pitch Board?

What are the benefits of maintaining Monthly Logs for at-a-glance trend analysis? (to supplement the more common on-site visual controls)

How do you handle Heijunka Scheduling Time Increments that are smaller than your Pitch Interval?

Find the answers to all of these questions on our new free online training for heijunka load leveling.

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July 2010 issue