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We just released a major upgrade to the Systems2win FMEA template, with several...

Innovations Inspired by AIAG

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Action Priority replaces RPN

Perhaps the single biggest innovation of the new AIAG FMEA is to replace the old RPN Risk Priority Numbers with MUCH more useful color-coded Action Priority codes.

At Systems2win, we agree whole-heartedly that RPN is Dead, and every author of every FMEA in every industry owes a debt of gratitude to AIAG for killing it.

FMEA Action Priority Codes
The Seven Steps of FMEA

Another huge innovation of the new AIAG FMEA is to introduce a standardized 7-Step Process that should be followed by every team.

By super-imposing that 7-step process into the FMEA template itself, several benefits are achieved.


See the 7 Steps of FMEA


Parent Child Relationships

The most important and far-reaching innovation of the new AIAG FMEA format is to greatly improve the attention to and clarity of the relationships between the Item or Process Step (that is the focus of the FMEA) and it's Parent and Child relationships.


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FMEA Training: Beyond templates

Much of the creative genius behind your Systems2win FMEA template comes from Joe Adams, who has been a key leader on FMEA teams at Caterpillar, General Motors, and Ford Motor Company.

Joe is available to train and coach your team to take your FMEA's into the new generation.


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