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Choosing the right type of Flow Chart template


What's the best tool to depict the flow of THIS process?

That's a question faced almost every day by almost every Lean leader.

Here are some helpful tips...

flow chart template

The modest simple flowchart serves as the Swiss Army Knife of any lean toolkit, being ideally suited for:

  • Getting ideas drawn fast.
  • Any process that does not cross departmental boundaries
  • Mix Logic Flowchart - for Mixed Model Value Stream Maps with high variability of demand and mix
  • Boundary Diagram - a mandatory component when creating an FMEA
cross functional flowchart template


The swim lane cross functional flowchart
is ideal for designing and documenting processes with medium-length cycle times. (For example a sales order process, engineering changes, or any process that takes days or weeks rather than minutes)


Standard Work flowchart


The Standard Work Combination Sheet is the ideal tool for designing and documenting Lean processes with short cycle times. (For example a manufacturing process that takes five minutes, or a loan approval process that takes 2 hours)

Spaghetti Map flow chart


A Spaghetti Diagram is a process mapping template that shows a floor plan of your work area, and graphically shows the walk paths of each worker, and which operations are done where, and how much is stored where.

Value Stream Mapping flowchart


A Value Stream Map is a strategic tool that uses special symbols and Lean metrics to depict the flow of a product or service (and the information needed to plan and control the flow of that product or service) through an entire stream of value-adding processes - each of which might drill down to further details illustrated using any or all of the other tactical tools.

Process Flow Diagram template



The Process Flow Diagram is used prior to creating a PFMEA, to identify Sources of Variation, and desired Deliverables (ideal Functions) for each Process Step.

SIPOC Diagram Excel template


The center of a SIPOC diagram includes a very simple process flowchart - with columns for Suppliers, Inputs, Processes, Outputs, and Customers.

Use this tool to identify and eliminate wastes of any type: hazardous wastes and emissions, energy, scrap, packaging...

A3 Illustrator


The A3 Stick Figure Illustrator uses stick figures to illustrate Lean Office and Lean Healthcare processes in ways that are more intuitive than traditional flow charts or other lean tools.

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