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Dropdown Lists

Spotlight On

Dropdown Lists

Dropdown lists are extremely valuable for:

  1. Faster data entry
  2. Elimination of typos

Avoiding typos is especially helpful when using Filter or Sort.

Templates that make extensive use of Filter and Sort include the FMEA, Control Plan, Gantt Chart, To Do List, Training Matrix, 8D Problem Solving, Leader Standard Work, and many more.

Dropdown List

How does Systems2win do it?

If dropdown lists are so useful in so many process improvement tools, then why don't you see them in very many home-grown templates?

Because other templates don't have anything like the Systems2win Copy Sheet utility.

If you copy a sheet using Excel's normal way of copying a worksheet — you lose your dropdown list.

If you copy a sheet using Systems2win's Copy Sheet utility — your dropdown list still works.

Recent improvement

Systems2win devoted over 40 programming hours to come up with a very simple Quick Fix to a NEW bug recently released by Microsoft. Learn more.

We are also working with Microsoft to try to get them to fix the other bugs that your Systems2win Copy Sheet utility protects you from, but until then...
aren't you glad that you have Systems2win professional programmers to deal with this type of thing for you...

Why re-invent?

Why re-invent?

rather than paying your in-house "Excel guy" to try to sort things out when Microsoft changes something that affects your home grown template?



Whats New?

Standard Operating Procedure template

One of our oldest Word templates, the Standard Operating Procedure template recently received a major face lift.

SOP template

Rather than starting with a blank page and a blinking cursor, when you open this template you are ready to immediately start documenting your operation procedures.

Learn more about the SOP template

and the many other templates you can choose from to select the right tool for documenting different types of Standard Work


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Customer Testimonials

This month, we also completed a major website upgrade designed to increase page loading speed.

Our webmaster was surprised to find that
the thing that slowed our pages most was the sheer number of customer testimonials.

So we eliminated some of the older quotes, and split the remaining testimonials into sub-groups so pages will load faster.

Please keep those testimonials coming,
and we will continue to do our part to earn them!




Language Translations for Training Pages

Our translators are currently updating translations for all of the new templates that we have released in the past few months, (including the PDCA template, Block Diagram, Time Study templates, and more)

As a recent innovation, we also recently updated our website to provide training for how to easily use machine translation to translate ANY of our 200+ training web pages into ANY language.

Learn more

Professional Human Translation

Machine translation is helpful,

VSM multi-language

but can sometimes come back with incorrect or even humorous results.

Your Excel templates are translated by professional human translators, and then reviewed by bilingual Lean Six Sigma professionals for correctness of industry-specific terminology.

So if you can find a phrase within your Systems2win Excel template - use that translation.

Help us improve our translations

True to our name... we also provide a system
for you to help us to continuously improve our translations.

Translation Feedback Form


Download latest trials

Test Drive over a dozen trial templates

You can download the latest trials any time.

If your trial period has expired,
you request a one-time trial period extension.


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Test Drive all 150+ templates

In addition to the dozen free trial templates,
you can also test drive all 150+ templates.


Survey Results

Survey Results

Two months ago, we asked:

What types of continuous improvement projects are at the top of YOUR list for 2014?

What types of tools and methods do you believe might help you most?

What templates and online training would YOU like to see us develop next?

Last month, we revealed that we were surprised when the most common response was:

"Your tools are already best of class.
What we need help with is to motivate
our people to use them more."

And last month...

We released the PDCA Coaching template - the first template specifically designed to coach the coach for how to coach.

We started adding Coaching Tips for many of your 150+ templates.

This month...

We added one last innovation to motivate your people to use your templates more...

We updated many web pages to have more emphasis on benefits (rather than just features) - and more pictures and illustrations - to involve the creative, emotional side of your brain.

dragon burning friend

You already knew about Systems2win?

Why didn't you tell me?

Like anything that involves human behavior, small things can make a difference. Check out the site, and see if you retain what you're learning better with the more human (and sometimes more humorous) approach.


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