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Project Management Tools


Choosing the right tools for different types of lean projects

Traditional Project Management tools

Sometimes you really do need to plan a Christmas party or a facility move, so your Systems2win templates include a Gantt Chart.

This one, however, has useful features not found in other Excel Gantt Charts.
Like the ability to adjust times based on your work calendar.

Lean Project Management

Any manager (lean or other)
will need to lead many projects and teams.

Your Systems2win templates make it easy to launch any type of team, and to measure expected vs. actual results for any type of team or project.

Team Charter template
Team Launch

Lean Management Systems

Traditional organizations rely too much on traditional project teams.

Lean organizations apply lean principles to come up with many creative ways to manage people in ways that often prove far more effective than cumbersome slow project team.

Lean Management template
Lean Mgmt

A3 Project Management

One of the most popular lean management tools is the A3 Report.

Or more correctly, the A3 way of thinking.

No long reports.

Everything has to fit on one page.

A3 project management template
A3 Project Management

No long meetings. And yet every stakeholder must be fully heard.

No jumping to conclusions before identifying root causes and exploring multiple ideas for countermeasures.

Kaizen Events

If you have the luxury of being able to lock an entire team in a room for 3-5 days...

then the results of a Kaizen Event can be dramatic.

Kaizen Event Checklist
Kaizen Events

PDCA Coaching

If the problem involves quality issues,
then you might use Six Sigma tools.

If the problem involves outside suppliers,
then consider 8D problem solving.

If the problem involves navigating unknown territory, then consider PDCA kata coaching.

Learn more about
Problem Solving Tools and Methods

Strategic Direction

What to do first? Next?

Hoshin Planning
answers those questions, it's not the place to start.

Value Stream Map
Value Stream Mapping is.

Decision Making

As your lean transformation evolves,

top-down edicts become less and less common,
and bottom-up ideas and catchball dialogs become more common

Values List template
Decision Making

as senior leaders begin to entrust their front-line team leaders to apply lean tools, methods, and principles to make more and more important decisions.

Change Management

With lean project management, change happens faster than with traditional project management.

People's emotions, fears, and feelings change at the same pace as when Adam met Eve.

Your project stakeholders will sincerely appreciate it when you project managers become a little more patient and tactful when pushing all of this change.

Change Management template
Change Management


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