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The problem you didn't know you had

When you look at the left side of a typical FMEA created using Excel, you will see a large number of cells that are either:

  1. Merged cells, or
  2. Empty cells that are formatted to look like merged cells

So what's the problem?

With either of these two types of Excel FMEA's, you have lost two of the most powerful features of Microsoft Excel:

  1. Filter

    so you can create a new FMEA from an existing FMEA by filtering for what is similar, and filtering out what is different

  2. Pivot Tables

    so you can slice and dice and analyze your data using Excel's single most powerful feature for data analysis

FMEA template


Merged cells that aren't

Watch this short training video to learn how to use Repeat Data and Error-Checking to empower your FMEA with two of Excel's most powerful features:

  1. Filter
  2. Pivot Tables


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Video: FMEA Magic:
Repeat Data and Error-Checking


What else don't you know?

What else might you not know that you don't know is possible?


Did you know that your FMEA's can be in multiple languages?

Not just the headers and training, but also your FMEA data.


Did you know that there is an entirely new format for FMEA's?

And RPN is dead?


What else might you not know that you should know?

To reduce risks. To reduce errors. To plan for disaster recovery.

To take your FMEA's to the next level.


What else?



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