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Templates for 5S

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More 5S templates

The Systems2win 5S Assessment template has become one of our most popular templates, because it provides so many features that you just won't find in free downloads off the internet:

5S Assessment template


Check it out for yourself. The 5S Assessment template is one of the free trial templates that you can test drive for free.

And the Red Tag Log continues to be a popular solution to that vital component of any 5S Sorting effort.

5S Standard


A new template is the 5S Standard - to clarify expectations for 5S workplace organization and housekeeping, and/or to serve as a "before and after" event storyboard.

The Six Sigma bundle now has a new Preventative Maintenance Checklist for tasks with a monthly cycle or greater,

5S Sustainment Checklist


and the 5S Sustainment Checklist has been dramatically improved to serve as a much more visual and intuitive checklist for daily and weekly tasks.


And the centerpiece at the very heart of Systems2win's offerings has always been the entire suite of templates for that most challenging 4th S - Standard Work.



Existing customers get all of the latest templates each time that you upgrade.

Although most customers choose to renew annual maintenance once a year - you have the option to upgrade your templates at any time.


Keep your eye on What's New.


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Systems2win has outstanding templates - but we don't offer the other things you need for successful 5S implementation. So let us introduce you to...

5S Supply

5S Supply - a premier provider of Lean related items including training materials, books, DVD’s, tags, boards, kits and supplies to support and enhance your Lean implementation.  They offer unique and innovative products and services based on real-work experience and application of Lean with hundreds of clients in all types of industries including manufacturing, service, government and healthcare.  Their Lean experts can assist you to implement a world class, sustainable, high performance Lean system.

Everything you need is all in one place including free webinars and educational materials such as The 5S Numbers Game.  This year 5S Supply released the first of its kind, Best of 5S Benchmarking Report, a free 30-page summary of a detailed benchmarking survey that 5S Supply sponsored in 2011. See what others are doing, good or bad, when it comes to setting up, implementing and sustaining an effective 5S system and learn best practices.

We welcome you to visit and encourage you to stop by often for new information and innovative products that will ensure your Lean journey is a success! 


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