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What's on your Team Board?

The start of a New Year
is a smart time to look at your
Team Huddle Board(s)
with fresh eyes.

SQDC Huddle Board example


Your team's 5S Scorecard is commonly in the 'Safety' column of your SQDC Board, because Safety permeates every one of the 5 S's.

Being uncluttered, clean, organized, and doing things in standardized ways, sustained over time... all of those are essential for a safe working environment.


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The 'Quality' column of your SQDC Board usually has a few of the 7 Basic Tools of Quality. But there's not room for all 7 of them. Might now (new year's) be a good time to reconsider your choices of what to measure?

And perhaps even reconsider the tools that you use to select what to measure?


Learn More - 7 Tools

Delivery and Cost

In these columns, you will most commonly use your Trend Analysis Scorecard, Run Chart, and/or Histogram templates, but those are focused primarily on results.

To improve Delivery and Cost, perhaps your teams should be using your Value Stream Mapping and/or Standard Work tools.

Or maybe your team might start a (temporary project) team board for one of the Problem Solving Methods - such as A3, Kata, or Kaizen.


Beyond the Team Board

Your Team Huddle Board is the ideal meeting place for your daily stand-up meetings, but some things benefit from being measured more than once a day.

Perhaps 2019 might the year that your team completes the single most important phase of your lean journey...

by implementing visual controls...

so that anyone walking past your work areas can quickly glance at your visual controls and know whether or not things are flowing as expected, or whether your area is experiencing flow blockages that deserve swarming attention to quickly get you back into the rhythm of your takt time.


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Lean Training

In addition to your 150+ templates for process improvement, your teams might also benefit from cost-effective team training, or on site coaching.


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