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Standard Work - Cornerstone of Lean

Whats New?

Standard Work Chart

Standard Work Combination Sheet - major upgrade

For many lean leaders, the Standard Work Combination Sheet is the single most important template in their lean toolkit - serving as a Swiss Army Knife to perform several critical lean objectives at once:

  1. To serve as a process improvement workbench to analyze and improve Time Observation stopwatch results
  2. To perform Value Add Analysis - eliminating and reducing non-value add time
  3. To perform Operator Load Balancing (if work is divided between more than one worker)
  4. To reorganize work for SMED Quick ChangeOver setup time reduction
  5. To provide succinct work instructions (that are often taped to the wall where the work is actually performed)
  6. To illustrate work, walk, wait, and machine time in an intuitive graphic format that activates the more creative side of the brain

It has long been one of the most popular Systems2win templates - with a useful suite of features not found anywhere else:

  1. Auto-draws the chart (anyone that has ever drawn a similar chart by hand can stop reading right there. You KNOW how much time this will save.)
  2. Draws the chart for either all operators, or just one selected operator.
  3. Extremely scalable - a single chart can scale from a 2-step process to a 200-step process

And now we have released a major upgrade that makes this popular lean tool even better.

  • Now supports word wrap within line items and comments (and the chart bars still line up correctly)
  • You can now easily add hyperinks to related training materials, documents, and videos
  • Improved header fields are less likely to require personalization
  • Fields for hand-written approvals
  • Revision Control Log
  • Now supports Excel 2010

Check it out for yourself. Download free trial.

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What training might tip your team over the edge?

Your Systems2win templates come with so much free training...

  • Pop up help when you click any row or column header
  • Free training videos
  • Sample of a finished deliverable
  • Searchable help - to quickly find the answer you're looking for
  • Responsive, knowledgable technical support

... and yet, there are times when a little hand-holding could be just what is needed to tip your inertia over the edge - so that your lean progress starts to roll downhill - faster, easier, surer...

Systems2win offers cost-effective web conference training:

  • Quick Start fundamentals
  • Quick Start for Lean Leaders
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Standard Work
  • or any other topic related to the use of your Systems2win templates

Could your team benefit from some personal attention?

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September 2010 issue