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New 5S Templates

Whats New?

New Excel Templates for
5S Workplace Organization

5S Trend Charts


Earlier this month,
Systems2win released
four new 5S templates that take workplace organization to new levels.

The new 5S Assessment Checklist
is 3 tools in1:

5S Radar Chart
  1. 5S Audit Checklist
    carried on a clipboard as a supervisor physically inspects the gemba where the work is performed - as prescribed in their Leader Standard Work
  2. Trend Charts
    to monitor and manage improvement over time
  3. 5S Scorecard
    to publish on your Team Accountability Board a radar chart and thermometer chart for any selected audit period

5S Radar Chart


5S Red Tags and the 5S Red Tag Log provide a systematic approach to your Sort activities.

5S Sustain

Use the 5S Sustainment Checklist to monitor and manage 5S cleaning and preventative maintenance habits.

It features an Innovative upside-down pyramid for leader review sign-offs - to support Leader Standard Work


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