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Tools for New Year Planning

Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment

New Years is a time for strategic alignment.

In this newsletter, we shine the spotlight on a few tools to make strategic alignment easier and more effective.

Values List

Values Prioritization

Use your Values List template to:

  1. Write down the things you value most
    (in an unprioritized list)
  2. Do a forced choice comparison
    (if I could only have this and not that, which would I choose?)
  3. Your template automatically generates your prioritized list of the things you value most
What Color is your Parachute

You might recognize this tool if you have ever done the career and life planning exercise popularized in the book 'What Color Is Your Parachute?'

Strategic Planning tools

This is also the time to use your Strategic Planning Worksheets

(the several Word templates with filenames beginning with the letters 'sp')

And if you have a mature Strategic Planning team, then you might be ready to begin using your X Matrix template for Hoshin Planning.

X matrix


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Value Stream Analysis

Value Stream Analysis

Unlike Hoshin Planning, which is usually introduced in one of the final phases of a Typical Lean Journey,


it is never too early to begin
Value Stream Management.


Decision Making

Decision Making

If done correctly, Value Stream Management and Strategic Alignment should unearth a lot of dirty decisions that need to be made.

In a truly healthy team environment, there are often legitimate differences of opinion on important decisions, and you might greatly enhance your leadership reputation (and skills) if you introduce useful tools and methods for consensus building.


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