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Major Upgrade - Version 12

Whats New?

64-bit Excel

Starting with Version 12, your Systems2win templates can now be installed on either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Microsoft Office.

See our latest System Requirements.


We have many customers using Systems2win on their Macintoshes using "Parallels" ($79), with Windows 7 or 8 installed on top of Parallels.

When you purchase a 1-year lease of Office 365 Home Version ($99), you can install any version of Office on up to 5 different devices...
so you can install both the native Macintosh version of Office, and (on the same Macintosh computer) you can also install the Windows version of Office 365 using Parallels.

In this way, you can have all the power of Systems2win templates on your Macintosh

which is a whole lot more affordable than paying your Black Belts to try to reinvent inferior templates from scratch.


Why Reinvent?

Why reinvent?


You can now run Systems2win on notepads
that support Windows 8.
(Not Windows RT or iPad, so choose wisely
when you purchase your next notepad.)

Simpler User Interface

The Help sheet on every Systems2win template now has a simpler user interface — to get started using your tools more quickly and easily.

New Link Icons

Link Icons

One of the most popular Systems2win features,
Link Icons make it so easy to add hyperlinks to related documents and training.

Based on the feedback of so many users for so many years, those Link Icons now include several new shapes that you will find useful when linking to YOUR related documents and training.

XLSM file format

Your Systems2win templates are now delivered in XLSM file format, for smaller file sizes and greater compatibility with Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013.

The biggest upgrade ever

In short... the version 12 upgrade is the biggest upgrade we have ever released. It took 4 months and $40,000, and it is now ready when you are...

to help YOU continuously improve
YOUR tools for continuous improvement


What's Old

Last Call for Excel 2003

If you still have some users of Excel 2003, you might consider purchasing or upgrading now — to empower those users with the final release of Version 11, which is the last version that will support Excel 2003.

On a special order basis, we will continue to offer Version 11 for the next couple of months.



Existing customers get all the latest templates each time you upgrade.

Although most customers choose to renew annual maintenance once a year — you have the option to upgrade your templates at any time.

If you still have users of Excel 2003 —
contact us now to discuss your options.




And always keep your eye on What's New.


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November, 2014 issue