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New Lean Management Templates

Whats New?
Lean Management Templates

Lean Assessment template

One of the new Systems2win lean management templates is the Lean Assessment Template,
that makes it easy to assess the progress of your change initiatives

Lean Assessment template
  • Easy-to-understand-at-a-glance radar chart
  • Easy drop-down assessment criteria
  • Easily personalized with your own assessment criteria
  • Completed by all levels of leadership on a periodic basis
  • 5-minute review serves as terrific mental preparation for your weekly gemba walk
Leader Standard Work template

Leader Standard Work

Feedback from our customers revealed that one of the most common root causes for the "failure of lean" is that supervisors and leaders don't know what they are supposed to do differently to support newly-implemented lean production systems. The new Leader Standard Work template is designed to provide an excellent structural starting point to create highly personalized daily checklists for lean leaders.


  • Translates vague lean principles into unambiguous performance evaluation criteria.
  • Provides a repeatable, manageable, systematic way to get managers to consistently focus their attention on both:
    • Results, and...
    • The Process
      (that yields the results)
  • Provides continuity of best practices through leadership transitions -
    allowing incoming leaders to benefit from the preserved experience of their predecessors.
  • Enables average leaders to consistently yield above average results

Entire suite of Lean Management templates

These (and more) new lean management templates now supplement the many excellent lean management templates that have already been part of the Systems2win suite for many years, including:

And many Microsoft Word templates designed to make it easy to document and institute YOUR POLICIES for things like:

  • Responsibilities and performance evaluation criteria for the various team roles with YOUR teams (such as Value Stream Team, Six Sigma Team, Kaizen Team, various Project Teams...)
  • Where to store shared working documents on YOUR servers
  • Pocket Cards for credit-card-sized reminders of YOUR company's policies for how to train and manage people

Entire suites of templates for how to train people and manage change (because all of your change initiatives won't be worth anything until people actually start doing things the new ways).

Why Re-invent?

Sure, you probably have some of the above templates that you have created or found over the years. (You couldn't have come this far on your lean journey if you didn't use ANY templates, could've you?)

We find that our best new customers are the ones that have already spent the most time inventing (and re-inventing) their own tools. The more time that you have spent inventing your own templates, the more that you will appreciate the professional quality and huge time-savings of Systems2win templates.

Why not download the latest free trials, and schedule a free webinar to see what you're missing?


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Whats New?
What Else Is New?

Cross Functional FlowchartThe Cross Functional Flowchart now supports user-defined fields.

In addtion to all of the pre-defined calculations that you have come to know and expect, (like lead time, cycle time, takt time, pitch, first pass yield...), you might use the new user-defined fields for things like distance traveled, computer systems used, or anything important to the success of YOUR process.


Standard Work Combination SheetWe recently completed a major upgrade to the Standard Work Combination Sheet.

This upgrade is important enough to deserve its own newsletter, so we will highlight those changes next month, but you can download the free trial now - and see for yourself.

We now support Excel 2010

We never cease to be amazed at how Microsoft can start with features that work just fine, and then "improve" them in ways that no longer work. After several months and tens of thousands of dollars of programming time, we are now confident that we have patched most of the new Excel 2010 bugs.

Job Instructions

The most difficult template to upgrade was Job Instructions. Microsoft changed Excel 2010 so that pictures no longer copy correctly. But we were (finally) able to program some fancy work-arounds, and this template now also works with Office 2010.

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Download latest trials

Download latest trial templates

Each working document created from a trial template has a 40-day trial period. If you need more time, simply start a fresh working document. After 120 days, you can either purchase a license, or request a trial period extension.

Licensed customers can download latest trials any time.

30/60/90 money back guarantee

You can test drive the full licensed version of any or all templates with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

If you add more templates or seats within 60 days, we will apply 90% of your most recent purchase price toward your upgrade.

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