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Lead Time Chart
Whats New?

Lead Time, Queue Time, and Process Lead Time

The two most powerful and popular templates to analyze process flow have both been updated to make it easier to answer these 3 common questions:

  1. When can I have it? (Lead Time)
  2. How long does it wait or get transported BETWEEN processes (Queue Time)
  3. How long does it take to process a batch WITHIN each process? (Process Lead Time)

And the Swim Lane Functional Flowchart and Value Stream Mapping templates have also been updated for clearer understanding, visibility, and control of Pitch Pulse.


value stream map   Flow chart


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Value Stream Mapping template


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Swim Lane Functional Flowchart template


Easier Data Entry

When we first introduced the Lead Time Chart (that so visually shows Queue Time and PLT), we changed data entry to require the user to manually enter Queue Time (the time between processes).

Although the end result is technically correct, our users have found that this made data entry unnecessarily cumbersome. So in the new upgrade, the user can simply enter Lead Time, and the template then calculates Queue Time.

When you actually use the new templates, you will quickly appreciate how much easier this is.



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February 2018 issue

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