Training & Support for your Systems2win templates


How to download and use

Free PDF writing software

Important: Any document created using a Systems2win template that is distributed outside of licensed users
must be in a non-editable format, such as printed paper, a screen shot image, or a PDF.

Exception: You can allow your hired consulting firm to use your Systems2win templates on your behalf —
as long as the template is used only on your behalf, and each template is provided one-at-a-time on an as-justified basis.
To use the templates for any other client, your consulting firm will need to purchase a consulting license.  See License Agreement.

How to use ANY PDF writing software

Print PDF

If PDF writing software has been installed on your computer

File > Print (or CTRL+P)

then in the 'Printer' dropdown list,
choose your PDF writing software

If PDF writing software has not yet been installed

then you can temporarily use the (greatly inferior)
PDF writer that comes as a standard feature in Microsoft Office

File (or Office button) > Save As > PDF or XPS

And then as soon as possible,
get your IT Department to install more robust PDF writing software on your computer.

Why install PDF writing software?

The PDF writer that comes as a standard feature of Microsoft Office is greatly inferior to the many PDF writing applications available on the Internet — for free.

What is the Office PDF writer missing?

  1. It cannot print an A3 Report on 11x17 or A3 paper size
  2. It cannot support the special Print buttons found on several Systems2win templates
    (that allow you print different sections of the page)
  3. It gets launched differently from any other PDF writing software
    (thereby complicating the learning curve)
  4. In Office 2013+, hyperlinks are only active in your PDF if they were active in Excel
    (which is very undesirable, as explained below in our training for how to avoid a "sea of blue text")

Free PDF writing software

If your IT Department has a preferred brand of PDF writing software,

then use it

If not, then any of these popular free PDF writing applications are known to work well:

  1. PDF995
  2. Foxit
  3. Cute


Bookmark = links

PDF Advanced Training

Simply Print

File > Print (or CTRL+P)

then in the 'Printer' dropdown list, choose your PDF writing software

Avoid Broken Hyperlinks

See Tips to Avoid Broken Links

All hyperlinks in any PDF should always be hard links that specify the full path to the linked file.

How to include active hyperlinks in your PDFs

Hyperlinks are automatically activated when you simply create your PDF

when you use any of our recommended free PDF writing applications.

PDF link icons

Get rid of the annoying
"sea of blue underlined text"

The problem

The default way that Excel ships:
Whenever you enter a hyperlink anywhere within a cell —
(even a tiny URL buried within a very long paragraph)
Excel will automatically convert the entire cell into
a "sea of blue underlined text".

This is not only ugly, but is also dangerously easy to click by mistake.
You don't want this.
Instead, you want to turn off this annoying "feature".

How to turn off this annoying "feature"

File > Excel Options > Proofing > Auto-Correct Options > Auto-Format As You Type tab > uncheck the box for
Replace As You Type > Internet and Network Paths with Hyperlinks.

Two professional ways to make hyperlinks




Link icons
Systems2win menu > Insert Link Icon

1) If your document will be used as an Excel file

(by licensed users of your Systems2win templates)

Simply insert a Link icon from the Systems2win menu.

Users can just click the Link icon.

2) If some users will be using the document as a PDF file

Then in addition to (or instead of) the Link icon,
you will type the full URL path within your text.

Then, when you follow the above instructions for how to include active hyperlinks in your PDFs, the user will see all of your professional-looking colors and fonts (rather than a sea of ugly blue underlined text), and ONLY the URL will be an active hyperlink.

Tip: If you Format Cells to Shrink To Fit, then a very long hyperlink can fit within a very small cell, and the (perhaps unreadably tiny) link will still be active in your PDF

The minimum cell width seems to be 6.

If you use tiny hyperlinks, then you will need to teach your people to look for the tiny text link nearby wherever they see a link icon symbol in a PDF, and teach them how to hover their mouse over such a tiny little thing to select it.
But once people get used to this convention, it can be extremely useful for distributing
great-looking PDFs with active hyperlinks to related documents and videos.

See a demonstration of how to include active hyperlinks in your PDF's

in the pre-recorded New User Training video

To select a cell containing a hyperlink

(without following the link)


  1. Hold down your left mouse button for a several seconds when selecting the cell, or...
  2. Select a nearby cell, and then use your arrow keys to select the cell containing the link

When you delete a cell that contained a hyperlink

When you delete the contents of a cell that contained a hyperlink,
the cell format will sometimes still have the blue underlined hyperlink text format.

To restore the default cell format — copy and paste a similar blank cell.

When you delete a cell that contains a link icon

Before you delete a cell that contains ANY shape,
you need to first delete all shapes before deleting the cells.

Otherwise the shapes will be collapsed and invisible, but will still be there — not deleted.

Bookmark = Word

PDF's from Microsoft Word

How to generate a PDF

Same as Excel. (see instructions above)

How to make hyperlinks that can be clicked

Rather than hiding the link beneath blue underlined text,

instead get in the habit of supplementing the text
with a human-readable hyperlink path, (perhaps in a smaller font), like this

If you follow this suggested convention,
your PDF writing software will automatically find the link and make it active.































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