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How to download and use

Free PDF writing software

Important: Any document created using a Systems2win template that is distributed outside of licensed users
must be in a non-editable format, such as a printed paper page, or a PDF.

Exception: You can allow your hired consulting firm to use your Systems2win templates on your behalf —
as long as the template is used only on your behalf, and each template is provided one-at-a-time on an as-justified basis.
To use the templates for any other client, your consulting firm will need to purchase a consulting license.  See License Agreement.

How to use ANY PDF writing software

CTRL+P > choose the PDF writing software that has been installed on your computer

Or to use the PDF writing software that now
comes as a standard feature in Office 2007 or higher — File (or Office button) > Save As > PDF or XPS

Free PDF writing software

Office 2007 and higher now includes PDF writing software as a standard feature.
Simply use File (or Office button) > Save As > PDF or XPS

But we still recommend you download and install more full-featured PDF writing software,
because the PDF writing feature that comes with Microsoft Office has many limitations, including:

  1. The standard Microsoft Office PDF writer cannot print an A3 Report on 11x17 or A3 paper size
  2. The standard Microsoft Office PDF writer cannot support the special Print buttons found on several Systems2win templates (that allow you print different sections of the page)

If your company has not already provided you with PDF writing software,

(perhaps your IT Department suggested different PDF writing software when they personalized your Systems2winInstallReadMe file?)

then we highly recommend that you download and use free PDF writer software.

You could do an Internet search for "free PDF writing software",
or (if your IT Department has not suggested another), then we recommend pdf995, because:

  1. It is free (you can download it at
  2. Installation takes only 3 minutes
  3. This Systems2win training web page gives useful help for how to use advanced features

Tips for installing pdf995

You must install 2 separate downloads: pdf995 printer driver, and free converter

To do advanced editing (like including active hyperlinks in your PDFs), you will also download and install a third free file: PdfEdit995.

And if you want the choice to encrypt PDFs — you can optionally install the free Signature995.

Tip: Sometimes during installation, you may need to minimize an advertising or help screen in order to reveal the product screen beneath it.

How to use pdf995

CTRL+P > pdf995  (or File > Print > pdf995)

This will create a basic PDF file,
which can then optionally be enhanced with additional features using PdfEdit995 and/or Signature995.

Tip: If using the free version, a pop-up ad page will display for about a minute before showing your completed PDF file.
If this annoys you, you can pay (you guessed it) $9.95 for the version without ads, or $19.95 for a suite key for all three products.

Tips to Avoid Broken Links

See Tips to Avoid Broken Links

All hyperlinks in any PDF should always be hard links that specify the full path to the linked file.

Bookmark = links

How to include active hyperlinks
in your PDFs


requires installation of third free download: PdfEdit995

In the new version —

hyperlinks are automatically activated when you simply create your pdf.


In the old version —

Immediately after generating a simple PDF file
(using File > Print> pdf995)...

Open PdfEdit995  
(Start > All Programs > software995 > PdfEdit995)

On the Links tab, select Auto-Convert URL's to links.

This will automatically make active hyperlinks for any text in your document that starts with www. or http://

PDF screenshot

Office 2007 and 2010

If you ignored our advice, and still haven't installed better PDF writing software

Hyperlinks are automatically active in PDFs created using Office 2007 and 2010.

File (or Office button) > Save As > PDF or XPS

Office 2013

Microsoft changed Office 2013 (for the worse),
so that hyperlinks are active in the PDF only if they are active in Excel —
which would require the unpleasant "sea of underlined blue text" (explained below).

PDF link icons

Get rid of the annoying
"sea of blue underlined text"

The problem

The default way that Excel ships:
Whenever you enter a hyperlink anywhere within a cell —
(even a tiny URL buried within a very long paragraph)
Excel will automatically convert the entire cell into
a "sea of blue underlined text".

This is not only ugly, but is also dangerously easy to click by mistake.
You don't want this.
Instead, you want to turn off this annoying "feature".

How to turn off this annoying "feature"

File > Excel Options > Proofing > Auto-Correct Options > Auto-Format As You Type tab > uncheck the box for
Replace As You Type > Internet and Network Paths with Hyperlinks.

Two professional ways to make hyperlinks




Link icons
Systems2win menu > Insert Link Icon

1) If your document will be used as an Excel file

(by licensed users of your Systems2win templates)

Simply insert a Link icon from the Systems2win menu.

Users can just click the Link icon.

2) If some users will be using the document as a PDF file

Then in addition to (or instead of) the Link icon,
you will type the full URL path within your text.

Then, when you follow the above instructions for how to include active hyperlinks in your PDFs, the user will see all of your professional-looking colors and fonts (rather than a sea of ugly blue underlined text), and ONLY the URL will be an active hyperlink.

Tip: If you Format Cells to Shrink To Fit, then a very long hyperlink can fit within a very small cell, and the (perhaps unreadably tiny) link will still be active in your PDF

The minimum cell width seems to be 6.

If you use tiny hyperlinks, then you will need to teach your people to look for the tiny text link nearby wherever they see a link icon symbol in a PDF, and teach them how to hover their mouse over such a tiny little thing to select it.
But once people get used to this convention, it can be extremely useful for distributing
great-looking PDFs with active hyperlinks to related documents and videos.

To select a cell containing a hyperlink

(without following the link)


  1. Hold down your left mouse button for a several seconds when selecting the cell, or...
  2. Select a nearby cell, and then use your arrow keys to select the cell containing the link

When you delete a cell that contained a hyperlink

When you delete the contents of a cell that contained a hyperlink,
the cell format will sometimes still have the blue underlined hyperlink text format.

To restore the default cell format — copy and paste a similar blank cell.

Bookmark = Word

PDF's from Microsoft Word

How to generate a PDF

CTRL+P > choose the PDF writing software that has been installed on your computer

Or to use the PDF writing software that now comes as a standard feature in Office 2007 or higher —
File (or Office button) > Save As > PDF or XPS

How to make hyperlinks that can be clicked

Rather than hiding the link beneath blue underlined text,

instead get in the habit of supplementing the text with a human-readable hyperlink path like this

perhaps in a smaller font. If you have good PDF writing software, it will automatically find the link and make it active.

Other ways to comply
with your Systems2win license agreement

If you find PDF writing freeware too difficult to install or use, then you can comply with your Systems2win license agreement by distributing your documents in some other non-editable format, such as printed paper or an image file.

You can capture a screenshot as an image file by pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard,
and then pasting into any application.


Extra bonus free training from Systems2win...

How to use pdf995 to create encrypted PDFs

Notice: It is not a Systems2win requirement for your PDF to be encrypted.
An unencrypted PDF is sufficient for license compliance.

You might, however, have other reasons for wanting to encrypt some of your PDFs. Unlike most other PDF writing applications, which can create an encrypted PDF in one step simply by choosing a few setup options...
creating an encrypted PDF with pdf995 requires two steps:

Step 1) Create an unencrypted PDF file

(Instructions above)

Step 2) Create an encrypted PDF file

Start > All Programs > Pdf995 > Signature 995

Tip: If you are using the free version, you must wait for their advertising screen to run its ad.
Even then, you might need to minimize the help page that comes up — in order to get to the window containing the Signature995 program.

On the Encryption tab, press the
PDF Rights Management

(Again, you might need to minimize the help page in order to view the PDF Rights Management screen, which is shown below.)

PDF Rights Management
PDF screenshot Select the file to encrypt (if not selected already). Select the checkboxes to
Restrict copying content to clipboard and Restrict modification.

(Tip: you do not need to password protect the document unless
you have your own reasons for wanting it password protected).

Then press Encrypt the document button.

You then need to choose a name for your encrypted document, which must be different from the original unencrypted PDF file that you started with.

Suggestion: Add a capital E to the original filename.

Example: original.PDF (unencrypted) — originalE.PDF (encrypted)











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