Templates for Continuous Process Improvement


Process Improvement Tools

Over 150 professionally developed and supported Word and Excel templates

to support your lean systems for continuous improvement

What's on your...
Team Board
Excel templates for continuous process improvement

Value Stream Mapping

to make waste visible,
and to make things flow

Excel templates for continuous process improvement

Lean Tools

for standard work, 5S,
and process improvement

Excel templates for continuous process improvement

DMAIC Six Sigma tools

to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control

Excel templates for continuous process improvement

Lean Management Systems

to plan and manage
continuous improvement

Excel templates for continuous process improvement

Easily Personalized

to make YOUR tools
your way

Excel templates for continuous process improvement

Lean Systems

Not just tools. Not just training.
Systems for process improvement


Lean Team Board

What's on your Team Board?

A cornerstone of any Lean Management System

is the Visual Team Board,..

a physical (not electronic) bulletin board
located where the team does their actual work
that publicly displays a few wisely-chosen
Process Improvement Tools.

On a regularly scheduled basis (usually daily),

each team has a brief Stand Up Meeting
to compel progress toward their priorities
so clearly visible on their Team Board.

Continuous Improvement Tools that you won't outgrow

How much are you paying your expensive Black Belts and consultants

to try to re-invent process improvement tools that aren't near as nice as these?

Do they know that they can start with these?

(rather than a white page and a blinking cursor)

and then use everything they know about familiar Microsoft Excel to personalize them?

Why not empower every one of your Continuous Improvement Leaders

with over 150 professionally developed and supported Word and Excel templates

that each come with helpful training, videos, technical support, language translations,
and a standardized consistent (learn-one-learn-them-all) design

so that your people can focus on improving your processes,
rather than wasting non-value-add time re-inventing Continuous Improvement Tools?

Lean Training Videos

Close to 100 lean training videos

Video: Introduction
to Systems2win templates

Let some of our customers
introduce you to their
Systems2win templates


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Top Four Questions

  1. Will we soon “be lean”
    if we simply use these tools?

    No. In addition to Excel templates, there are many other types of lean tools (like floor tape, kanbans, team boards...)

    and all lean tools are useless without supporting lean systems...

    especially lean management systems.

  2. Why not let each of our people
    invent and maintain their own
    'simple' Excel templates?

    Which is simpler? To give each person the 'freedom' (burden?) to find or invent their own tools...

    or to empower your people with professionally developed and supported tools that share a consistent user interface, and consistent ways to find help and support, and yet remain flexible enough to be applied and used as needed?

  3. Can we mix and match these templates with some of our favorites?

    Yes, you can easily personalize
    any Systems2win Excel template,
    and you can easily integrate your new templates into your existing library.

  4. How long will it take
    to get up and running?

    Each user should complete the
    Quick Start Training,
    which takes anywhere between half an hour and half a day — depending on how well the user already knows Microsoft Excel and continuous improvement methods.





Why Re-invent?

Why reinvent

Top Ten Reasons
to use Systems2win
for Process Improvement

  1. Save time and money.

    How much are you paying your lean leaders and consultants to try to re-invent tools that aren't nearly as useful as these?

  2. Consistent design for fast learning.

    Unlike the wildly differing Excel templates that you accumulate from random sources, when you learn one Systems2win tool, you've learned them all.

  3. Standardization.

    Standardized, consistent, professional tools.

  4. Easy to personalize.

    It's Excel. You can use everything you know about familiar Excel to make your templates your own.

  5. Your personalizations get upgraded.

    Every time you upgrade, our special utility automatically finds and transfers YOUR personalizations to your new templates!

  6. Valuable training and support.

    Lean training, Excel training, pop-up help, videos, self-paced learning, live instructor-led webinars, technical support...

    Professional help and training so you can stay focused to improve your processes, not re-invent or troubleshoot templates.

  7. Math.

    Visio can't do math. Excel can.

    We have already done most math for you — so you simply plug in numbers to quickly answer common lean questions.

  8. International.

    Click a button to switch between Chinese, German, Spanish, French, or Portuguese languages.

    Try running your home-grown template in Germany or Vietnam. Then try ours.

  9. Lean Systems.

    Not just templates, not just training, but also Lean Systems to make your Systems2win templates so much more valuable.

  10. Affordable Site License.

    So you might start with a few seats, then grow into an enterprise license to empower every team member with consistent, standardized, professional tools for kaizen lean six sigma process improvement.

Excel process improvement tools

to save time, do it right, and do it consistently

How can we see them?

  1. Test drive all 150+ Word and Excel templates

    with the confidence of a money back guarantee

  2. Download a dozen free trial templates
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Whether you are just starting, or you are a global lean leader

If you are looking for professionally developed and supported Word and Excel templates for

Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Standard Work, Lean Management Systems, and more,

then these continuous improvement tools will extend and support your lean systems for continuous improvement.


Try us and find out for yourself why we've had so many delighted loyal customers coming back for so many years.

Welcome to Systems2win — where our mission is to help you continuously improve your tools for continuous improvement.











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