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Lean Tools, Training, and Systems

Strategic Quality

Joe Adams is the owner of Strategic Quality

You can contact him at:

(765) 778-5489

Joe is a Process Excellence Architect. He utilizes his extensive business background and expertise to assist organizations in creating, understanding, and implementing effortless business and quality processes. He focuses organizations on the prize – creating value for the customer.

Joe’s passion is developing and implementing business and quality systems as strategic weapons in the war against waste and poor performance. With 25+ years of international leadership, Joe trains corporate Presidents, Master Black Belts, and all levels of corporate associates in Design for Customer Satisfaction (DfCS) techniques, enabling each to identify sources of failure in the design, execution, production, or delivery process before they occur. The DfCS process allows data and information to flow seamlessly throughout an entire organization, including its supply chain, on a local or global basis.

To implement DfCS, Joe has developed many unique templates using Microsoft Excel. With these templates, he has facilitated hundreds of teams in understanding the concepts and the proper use of quality and business tools and methods. Joe has learned how to utilize MS Excel as an integrated group of stand-alone workbooks or as a familiar user interface for relational databases, reducing development and training effort.

Joe's expertise in training, facilitating, and consulting blends perfectly with the Systems2win’s mission of “continuously improving tools for continuous improvement.” Combining the aspects of seamless data and information flow within the DfCS tools and methods with the Systems2win tool delivery system of customizable templates in any language and the ability to easily maintain data in multiple languages creates a very powerful global tool set.

Clients include corporate Fortune 100 companies as well as smaller companies and corporations.