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Dave Condinho

Director of Coaching Network  LinkedIn

Director of Coaching Network

9-year Key Trainer with Toyota, Certified Continuous Improvement Manager, Six Sigma Green Belt, and passionate champion of Lean Continuous Improvement Principles

Dave is responsible for coaching Continuous Improvement Leaders and Coaches to lead value stream mapping events, kaizen events, 5S, standard work, FMEA, quality improvement, A3 problem solving, leadership team start-up, and other types of events for Continuous Process Improvement.

Dave Condinho

He has a proven track record successfully leading teams for each of these types of common Continuous Improvement Events — in real-world organizations like Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, Campbell Soup, and smaller companies you probably haven't heard of... solving real-world operational problems, producing real-world measurable results.

Here's one example of a Kaizen Event that Dave led at Toyota.

"I remember being nervous since we had to present to the President of TMMC and Senior Toyota Officers. I gave everyone a part during the presentation since this was a team effort.

The President was very pleased with our effort and results, and wanted the improvement implemented immediately." The savings yielded just under $300,000 USD annually.

"It wasn't the reaction from the Senior Toyota Officers that made the moment for me. It was the smiles on the faces of the Team Members and their feelings of thankfulness to be a part of something special. That's the motivator for my passion for Continuous Improvement and Lean Coaching."

Dave's Lean Journey started in 2006 when he was hired as a Key Trainer for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada in Cambridge, Ontario . "It was a dream for me to work for a company for 9 years that has revolutionized the world as we know it. What I had learned through education about the Toyota Production System could not be compared to what I learned hands on by the Managers, Leaders and Team Members at Toyota. I am forever grateful to those who helped coach me and give me a true understanding of how to apply these tools in both business and everyday life".


Event leadership

Dave leads the Systems2win network of global affiliates, to offer training and coaching anywhere in the world

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Dave's passion and specialty
is employee engagement
and team empowerment



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