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Licensed Seats

You can purchase Systems2win templates for either:

  1. a site license for unlimited users
  2. a specified number of seats

A 'seat' is essentially a 'computer'. Usually, you will have one user per computer "seat", but we have some customers that work multiple shifts where 3 users all share the same computer. Those 3 users share one 'seat'.

Even though installation needs to be performed for each user on the computer.

Each licensed computer needs to be activated. If a single user wants to install the Systems2win application on multiple computers (for example, a work laptop and a home computer), then an Activation is used on each computer.

You actually get more activations than the number of seats that you purchased.



Activations per licensed "seat"
# seats # Activations
1 2
2-4 # seats + 1
5-9 # seats + 2
10+ # seats + 3

Each user must be an employee or on-site contractor of the licensed company.

See full terms of License Agreement.

FAQ's for 'Seats'

Distribution of working documents to unlicensed users

Any working document created using a Systems2win template that is distributed to an unlicensed user must be in a non-editable format, such as printed paper, or a PDF.

To make it easy to comply with this license requirement, Systems2win provides free training for how to use free PDF writing software.

Move Seats

Each seat can be easily moved between computers.
Excel Ribbon bar > Systems2win tab > Setup > Activate & Deactivate Systems2win > Deactivate

Disaster recovery

The Activation software will recognize that you are recovering to the same computer.

If recovering to a different computer, have your IT Contact or Primary User contact Systems2win to request a new Activation.

How to get your Systems2win installation file

Your Information Technology Department is responsible for distributing your licensed installation files.

(just like all other software)

Your company will have a single installation file, which can be Activated multiple times.

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