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The Systems2win.ini file

What is the Systems2win.ini file?

It is a text file that contains your system initialization preferences for:

  1. your preferred language
  2. the path to your company's Systems2win Portal

    (which contains your Systems2win templates)

Where is it?

In version 12 and higher the systems2win.ini file is found in the folder:

\Users\Public\Public Documents\Systems2win\


In version 11 and lower the systems2win.ini file is found in the folder where Systems2win is installed

(usually c:\Program Files (x86)\zSystems2win\)

Unhide File Extensions

The default Windows setting is to hide filename extensions.

So you only see the filename "Systems2win", rather than Systems2win.ini".

Most people who know what they are doing...

will change their computer to be more useful...

In File Explorer (which used to be called Windows Explorer in Windows 7)...>

Organize > Folder and Search Options > View tab, then uncheck 'Hide extensions for known file types'.

How to change my preferences

Systems2win menu

Systems2win version 12 or higher...

use your Systems2win menu to easily change:

  1. your preferred language
  2. your portal path

    (to your Systems2win Portal, which contains your Systems2win templates)

Systems2win version 11 or lower...

you used to be able to simply use your Systems2win menu to easily change your preferences, but Microsoft decided to change their rules,

so (until you upgrade or update to version 12 or higher), you need to do manually edit the Systems2win.ini file using any text editor, such as the free Notepad that comes with Windows.

If you get an error saying you don't have sufficient permissions...

you can either:

  1. Manually edit the Systems2win.ini file.

    Find your Systems2win.ini file.

    (see instructions above)

    Copy your Systems2win.ini file to any temporary folder.

    Open the copied Systems2win.ini file using Notepad
    Windows Start button > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad

    Then edit what you want to change:

    1) your desired portal path, and/or

    2) your desired language

    (English=1, Spanish=34, Portuguese=55, Chinese=86, French=33, German=49, Arabic=20)

    Then Save.

    Move the edited Systems2win.ini file from the temporary folder — to overwrite the original Systems2win.ini file
    (in the folder where you originally found it)

    If your IT Department has restricted your permissions so that you can't even Overwrite the file in your Program Files folder, then you will need their help.

  2. or... copy an already edited ini file from another user's computer...
    as instructed below...


A faster way to change preferences

for multiple users

Once you have followed the instructions above to change preferences for 1 user, you can simply copy the Systems2win.ini file from that computer to overwrite the Systems2win.ini file in other computers for similar users.

Perhaps save multiple ini files

IT specialists in larger companies might want to save multiple versions of different Systems2win.ini files for different types of users.


In the same folder where you store your other Systems2win master installation files...

create a sub-folder called INI-Files.

And then in that INI-Files folder, create additional sub-folders, with names for your unique combinations of languages and servers.

Each sub-folder contains a file called Systems2win.ini

and each Systems2win.ini file has been personalized for your desired combinations of

  1. Language preference
  2. Portal location (if your company has multiple servers)

And then edit your Systems2winInstallReadMe.docx file to remind you (and anyone else) that the last step after you finish the normal installation process for any new user needs to be to overwrite the Systems2win.ini file with the one that best fits that user.

And send a copy of your personalized files to Systems2win so that our staff can support your people