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Free Update

for your Systems2win Add-in

The Systems2win Add-in contains the Systems2win menu and core application functions.

You can update your Systems2win Add-in any time for free.

To get the latest templates, however, you must purchase an upgrade.


Before you can install the free update

An older version of the Systems2win add-in must already be installed on your computer.

1) Determine which version of Systems2win you have installed

Excel Ribbon bar > Systems2win tab > Setup > About Systems2win Templates

The version number at the top of that window is the version that is installed.


If you have version 15 or higher...

2) Download

Download the latest Version 18 update

If your IT Dept won't allow you to download an exe file...
      Then you should respect their desire to download and install this exe file for you.

3) Close Excel

If you accidentally install with Excel or the License Wizard open, you will have to run the installation again.

4) Run your installation file

Do NOT uninstall the older version that is already on your computer.

If you (the Target User who will actually use Systems2win on this computer)
have Administrator privileges...

then with Excel closed...
simply double-click the installation file.

If you (the Target User) do NOT have Administrator privileges...

Then follow the instructions for how to install with another user's Administrator privileges

5) Test

Open your Assess.xlsx template.

Everything should now be working correctly.



If you have version 14 or lower...

then you are overdue for an upgrade