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Customization Log

How to use your Customization Log to make upgrades easy

When to use your Customization Log

Whenever you personalize any Systems2win master template...

  1. First look at the list of what types of personalizations will and will not be automatically found and transferred by the Personalization Upgrade Utility.
  2. If you make a change that will not be automatically found and transferred by the Personalization Upgrade Utility...

then make an entry in your Customization Tracking System

to remind you of the few manual changes that you will need to make to your new templates the next time you upgrade.

Video: How to personalize
a master template

How to use your Systems2win Customization Tracking System

How to use the hidden CLog sheet

All version 8+ Excel templates (released in July 2011) have a CLog worksheet — to make upgrades easy.

This is a hidden worksheet, so you need to unhide it when you need it.

CLog worksheet

If your template is version 9 or higher (released February 2013)...
then your CLog sheet has the field Has this template been personalized?

If (and only if) you manually select the answer TRUE, then the Personalization Upgrade Utility will search this template to automatically transfer common personalizations.

Use this hidden CLog sheet to make short notes to yourself to remind you of any personalizations that you will need to manually recreate each time that you upgrade.

How will you remember which templates you personalized?

If you use the Personalization Upgrade Utility, then each time that you upgrade...

  1. Any entries in your CLog worksheet will be automatically transferred to your new template
  2. The Upgrade Log worksheet in your MultiUserChecklist.xlsx workbook will remind you that there are manual updates that you need to make to that template.
  3. Simply make those changes to those templates

    while your new portal is still in a temporary location (before overwriting your old portal) following the Portal Setup Instructions for an Upgrade

If you don't own the Personalization Upgrade Utility

then use your Systems2win Customization Log workbook (explained below) to track which of your master templates have personalizations.


And then when you upgrade, look at your Systems2win Customization Log to identify which templates were personalized, and unhide the CLog sheet in each of those templates, to see your notes to yourself for each template as described in the section above.

How to use the Customization Log workbook

All versions (including older ones) come with a CustomizationLog.xlsx workbook.

Customization Log

Your CustomizationLog.xlsx template can be found in the same way that you find any Systems2win template.


And then you need to save a copy of the CustomizationLog.xlsx template as the starting point for your Systems2win Customization Log working document which should be stored somewhere where your leaders can quickly find and use it whenever they make any change to any master Systems2win template.

Suggestion: Unless you have a better place, we suggest keeping your Systems2win Customization Log in your S2winSync folder so that it can always be downloaded by any Systems2win user, and can be overwritten only by the few leaders authorized to overwrite files in your master S2winPortal.

Let your users know where to find your Systems2win Customization Log by editing your Document Storage & Naming Conventions PDF in the same way that you let your users know where to find any other types of documents in your company.

Use your Customization Log template to track changes for other software, too

(not just changes to your Systems2win templates)

Like every Systems2win template — your CustomizationLog.xlsx template can be used as the starting point to create several working documents.

By creating several working documents from this one template, you can maintain several different Customization Logs to track changes that you make to :

If you use this template to track changes that you make to your accounting or ERP software, you will save (literally) tens of thousands of dollars when it comes time to upgrade your software.

How to personalize your Systems2win templates

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