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User Substitute Phrases

With your Systems2win Excel templates, you can easily switch between:

  1. Any Language Translations that you purchased

    such as Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, or German

  2. Your own user-defined Substitute Phrases

    such as different audit criteria for Office 5S vs. Supply Room 5S

How to switch between substitutions

In the Systems2win menu, click 'Translations and Substitutions'> 'Select Translations and Substitute Phrases for THIS Template'

Systems2win menu > Translations and Substitutions

And then select from the dropdown menu of available 'User Substitute Phrases'.

Screen shot: User Substitutions

Instantly, every worksheet in the workbook now displays your chosen User Substitute Phrases.

For example: You can instantly switch between your own Audit Criteria for Office 5S vs. Production 5S

in a way that YOUR unlimited sets of user-defined Audit Criteria are automatically found and transferred to the new version of your master templates every time that you upgrade.

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