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Working Documents

Some Systems2win templates have a special button to Generate a Working Document

the X Matrix template,8D problem solving template, and Leader Standard Work

X-Matrix 8D Problem Solving Leader Standard Work


  1. Can be used and edited by ANY Excel user

    including members of your team that don't yet own Systems2win

  2. Can be used in ANY version of Excel

    including pads, Cloud, Macintosh, and other stripped-down versions of Excel

Click the button

Systems2win menu > Generate Working Document


On the 'Help' sheet...

in the Systems2win menu in the Excel Ribbon bar...

click the button to 'Generate a Working Document'



Differences between a Working Document and the master template:

  1. Some features are removed from the Working Document

    All buttons are removed

  2. Some versions of Excel don't support some features

    For example, the (greatly stripped down) versions of Excel for the Cloud, pads, or phones don't support popular features like drop-down lists, or conditional formatting.

    The Working Document will still work - but without the (nice, but not essential) features that are not supported by inferior versions of Excel.


Someone in your organization needs to own a license for Systems2win.

It is okay for your licensed users to generate working documents that can then be used by others within your organization, but not outside of your organization.

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