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Installation Instructions

to install the Systems2win Excel add-in for a licensed user

Before Installing

  1. Ensure that your computer meets System requirements

    (Windows 7,8, or 10)

    If you're on your phone, or a non-Windows computer, re-open this page on your Windows computer.

  2. Download your installation file

    Tip: Your installation file only stays on our server for a few days. So when you click the link from the email that delivered your installation file, don't just 'Run'. Instead 'Save' your installation file where it gets backed up, and where you can find it when you need it.

  3. Save your Activation Key

    Tip: Copy your Activation Key to a text file, and save it in the same folder alongside your installation file... so that you have both — if or when you need to install on another computer.

If this is an upgrade...

You only need to first uninstall if your old version is v14 or lower. (and the installer will tell you)

If transferring to a new computer...

First deactivate the old computer.

Installation Instructions

Step 1) Close Excel

Before clicking your installation file, close Microsoft Excel.

Step 2) Double-click

Double-click your S2winInstall exe file,

that you downloaded and saved in a folder that gets backed up.

If a window appears that asks you to enter an Administrator user name and password

Then enter the Administrator user name and password

(perhaps temporarily granted by your IT Department),

and accept all the defaults to finish running the installation file.

Then logged in as the user,

(not using another person's Admin rights)

run Systems2win-Finish-Install.xlsm

from Start menu > All Programs > Systems2win

(as shown in the picture)

Finish Install file

If you need to activate your license

You do NOT need to activate if...

  1. You are installing an upgrade on an already-activated computer
  2. Your company owns a site or enterprise license for unlimited users

If you need to activate... then...

Copy your Activation Key to your clipboard

You did save it — as instructed above, right?

Excel ribbon bar > Systems2win tab > Setup > Activate and Deactivate Systems2win paste your Activation Key > click button to Activate

If you get an activation error, then you need to manually activate offline

Restart Excel.


Step 3) Test

To ensure that your installation was successful, and that your computer is set up correctly

Open the Assessment template

In the Excel ribbon bar, select Systems2win tab > Systems2win Templates then open 2Assess.xlsx

If the Systems2win menu isn't there, then see the FAQ for what might be wrong.

Systems2win menu > Systems2win Templates

The Systems2win menu in the Excel ribbon bar

Once you have completed installation and testing, you are now ready to...

Learn How to Use Your New Tools

  1. Complete the QuickStart Initial Training to quickly learn the few foundational things you will need to use ANY of your 150+ templates for process improvement
  2. Complete the New User Training

Either or both:

1) Live instructor-led webinar — free every month

2) Online videos and learning exercises — anytime, anywhere

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Installation FAQ's

Find answers for just about anything unusual that might happen during installation