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Excel Templates, Training, and Systems

Process Improvement Tools

Over 150 professionally developed and supported Word and Excel templates to support your lean systems for continuous improvement

Process Improvement tools for Continuous Improvement

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150+ Tools for
Process Improvement



Tools, training, and systems for continuous process improvement

Continuous Improvement Tools

Professionally developed and supported process improvement tools for ALL of the following types of challenges that you might encounter on your lean journey

Problem Solving Tools

If you haven't yet started your lean journey, then you're probably doing a lot of fire fighting.

Your Systems2win Process Improvement Tools include templates and training for a wide variety of Problem Solving Tools to empower you to professionally handle a wide variety of diverse types of problems.

PDCA, A3, 8D, kata coaching, Kaizen Events, and more problem solving methods,

as well as Root Cause Analysis tools, and Preventive Maintenance tools, and continuous improvement tools for problem prevention.


Is it your job to put out fires?
or to prevent them?

Lean Transformation

At some point, you might grow weary of fire fighting.

When your team is ready, there are templates and training for every step of your lean journey to lean transformation.

Tip: The place to start is not Hoshin Planning.
The place to start is Value Stream Mapping.

yellow brick road

Road map for a typical
Lean Transformation

Value Stream Management

Not just value stream mapping tools.

Value Stream Analysis, with scenarios, filters, and math that Visio simply can't do... to analyze capacity, optimize changeovers, calculate guaranteed turnaround times, answer 'what if' questions, and remind your team leaders of the right questions to ask every time that you lead another value stream mapping event to continuously improve your (real world) high mix / low volume value streams.

With online training and videos to guide you through every step of the value stream mapping process.

Value Stream templates

The right tools to
Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
your value stream maps

(not just draw them)

Standard Work

There are continuous improvement tools to analyze, stabilize, visualize, and standardize every process in every value stream.

There are Process Analysis tools to analyze and improve diverse types of processes for Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare, and Lean Office and Service processes (that are common to every organization).

The Standard Work tools, however, are arguably the most important tools in your continuous improvement toolkit.

Not just the Standard Work template, but also the Yamazumi Chart, Spaghetti Diagram, Machine Balancing, Standard Work Audit, Standard Cost Estimating, and more.

These are the Standard Work tools that "rachet your gains."

If your (lack of) plan is to just allow people to quickly backslide into old habits, then why even start?

It would be better to simply explain to your investors that "lean methods won't work here", without putting your team members through the pain and embarrassment of an experiment that was destined to fail before you even started.

messy boys

Who needs standard work?




What's so wrong with backsliding into old habits?

Quality Improvement

Lean processes require quality.

You can use the 'Insert Sheet' button to add a chart to any Excel workbook that contains your data. And you can do what you always wanted to do with those other Excel macros that you struggled so much with...

you can link your data so that your chart instantly updates as your data changes!

You have the 7 Basic Tools of Quality, (including Excel Pareto Chart, Run Chart, Trend Chart, Histogram, Scatter Plot...) as well as many more DMAIC tools to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control the quality of ANY process.

Six Sigma templates

The right DMAIC tools
to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
the quality of ANY process

Design for Six Sigma

There's only so much that your Quality Department can do. Their job is soooo much easier if your engineers attentively listen to the Voice of the Customer, and design your products and services more thoughtfully in the first place.

Your DFSS tools include an FMEA template that has useful features that you never even thought to ask for (and certainly couldn't program yourself). Each FMEA workbook can have an unlimited number of (perhaps interlinked) worksheets for Control Plans and Process Flow Diagrams.

And your FMEA's can be surrounded by an entire suite of supporting optional continuous improvement tools and systems, like the P-Diagram, Characteristics Matrix, DVP&R, and House of Quality QFD.

animated - FMEA what could go wrong?

Why do we need an FMEA?

What could possibly go wrong?

Lean Training

Whenever you change person's work environment, you're going to need to re-train them.

Your templates include each of the TWI Training Within Industry tools that were popularized by the United States war mobilization to fight World War II.

And there are a suite of Lean Training tools for diverse training requirements that you might encounter.

The most popular lean training tool, however, is the Work Instructions template. It has special features that will dramatically reduce your time (and mistakes) when writing visual work instructions for a product or service 'family'.

It can auto-generate a separate sheet for every product or service in the family, correctly including or excluding steps, correctly renumbering steps, putting the correct header information at the top of each page, and has revision control that vary by product (or be shared by all products in the family).

If you need to write work instructions for any product or service family, you owe it to yourself to give this tool a test drive.

face-in-hands Stress

Why are we paying our people to re-invent tools, training, and systems that can be owned so easily?

Lean Management Tools

Every lean tool and system needs corresponding lean management tools and lean systems.

A3 Management, Visual Management, Leader Standard Work, strategic planning, tools to launch any type of team, 5S tools, Lean Assessment Audits, and many more tools and systems for lean leadership.

When you download your free trial, you get several lean leadership templates that you can use for the rest of your career — free.


Every lean tool needs
a corresponding
Lean Coaching System

If you are still trying to improve your processes the hard way,

then take a look at how inexpensive it would be to
own all 150 of these process improvement tools

or schedule a free conference to discuss what YOU want
for your tools and systems for continuous process improvement

Process Improvement Templates

and Lean Systems that you won't outgrow

How can we see them?

  1. Own all 150+ Word and Excel templates

    with a money back guarantee

  1. Request a conference

    to get personalized attention, and fast answers to your questions

  2. Download free trial

    a dozen trial templates, and another dozen with no time expiration — free

Perhaps start with this video

where some of our customers
introduce you to their Systems2win templates

testimonial quote

What do you want from your

process improvement templates?

If you are just looking for a few continuous improvement tools to make your job easier

then use your Tool Selection Matrix
to choose the process improvement tools
that are most likely to help you with your current priority,

which might be flow charts, Lean Six Sigma tools, decision making tools, or any other priorities at the top of your list for continuous process improvement.

If you are a leader in a lean enterprise

then you know that it is ultimately your responsibility to empower your people with consistent continuous improvement tools and lean training for your organization's lean transformation throughout your (perhaps wide-spread) enterprise.

And if your organization is international, then you might find it worth your time to request a personal demonstration of the Systems2win features to quickly switch between languages, for both templates and training.

Switch languages

Easily switch between

If you are a lean consultant

or you are hiring a lean consultant

then you (and your clients) need to make a choice:

  1. Is it your (shared mutual) goal to hire you to 'do things for them'?
  2. or is it your goal to empower your clients with teachable, repeatable tools and systems to lead them around each next corner of their lean journey?

Did your consultant leave you with teachable, repeatable systems?

If your company already owns Systems2win

then once you get your process improvement tools installed, be sure to complete the free New User Training

and don't hesitate to use your free support

to get the most from your systems, training, and tools for continuous process improvement

New User Training

Your Systems2win templates come with free New User Training
to quickly learn features that are common to all 150+ templates

If your company is not (yet) supportive

then you might choose to own your own professional tools
that you can take with you through your entire career,

because in the end, your performance evaluation is based on your performance.

Welcome to Systems2win — where our mission is

to help you continuously improve your systems for continuous improvement

Why Systems2win?

Tools, training & systems

Empower your leaders
to improve processes

rather than re-inventing
systems, training, and tools for process improvement



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Why re-invent?

Why re-invent?





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When to use each tool

This website contains training for when to use each tool in a Typical Lean Journey for Lean Transformation

  • Phase 0) Firefighting
  • Phase 1) Prepare Your Leadership
  • Phase 2) Design Value Streams to Flow
  • Phase 3) Analyze, Stabilize, Visualize, and Standardize each process
  • Phase 4) Continuously Improve
yellow brick road

Road map for a typical
Lean Transformation




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