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Over 150 professionally developed and supported Word and Excel templates

to support your lean systems for continuous improvement

Process Improvement tools for Continuous Improvement

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150 Tools for
Process Improvement

In this web site, you will find
consistently designed Word and Excel templates

with online training —
for continuous process improvement

Continuous Improvement Tools

and Lean Systems that you won't outgrow

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Why Systems2win?

Proven tools, training & systems

Free your leaders to improve processes

rather than re-inventing
systems, training, and tools for process improvement

Why process improvement?

Why do YOU care?

Why do you believe (hope) that continuous process improvement will benefit your organization and your own personal career?

If you can't answer those questions

(with enthusiasm and conviction)

then the most benefit that you will probably get from this site is to browse the training pages that have hundreds of answers for 'Why process improvement?'

When you get a big enough 'Why', you become interested in 'How'








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Why re-invent?

Why re-invent?

How to use your

Process Improvement Templates

In this web site, you will find training and videos for

'How' to use each Process Improvement Tool

Product Family Matrix

Takt Time Calculator

SQDC Delivery

Flow Chart

Stick Figure Illustrator


5S Red Tags

How to (really) listen to the Voice of our Customer

How to translate vague customer comments into action items

How to design our value streams to flow

Which tools and methods to use for each step of our
Lean Journey to Lean Transformation

How to map our processes to make flow visible

How to make visual controls for visual management

How to continuously improve our lean management systems

How to make problems visible? (so they can be solved)

How to do root cause analysis

Better tools and systems for decision making

How to expand and sustain our Lean Culture?

Strategic alignment — so everyone is pulling together

How to analyze a process (from many angles)

How to standardize work (to avoid backsliding)

How to eliminate unreliable forecasts

How to handle surges and droughts in customer demand

How to balance work loads?

How to train workers to do things consistently every time?

How to improve quality?

How to choose what to measure?

How to solve problems? (of many types)

How to prevent problems before they happen?

How to reduce risks?

How to minimize setups and change overs?

How to deliver faster?

How to reduce costs?

How to estimate costs?

How to make things simpler?

What questions to ask?

How are office administrative processes different?

How to make our Team Huddle boards more effective?

How to include people who speak different languages?

How to personalize our tools? (to make them ours)

How to prioritize our projects

How to plan, manage, and audit our projects

How to choose the right tool and method for what we need next

If you are still trying to improve your processes the hard way,

then take a look at how inexpensive it would be to
own all 150 of these process improvement tools

or schedule a free conference to discuss what YOU want
for your tools and systems for continuous process improvement

What do you want from your

process improvement templates?

If you are just looking for a few continuous improvement tools to make your job easier

then use your Tool Selection Matrix
to choose the process improvement tools
that are most likely to help you with your current priority,

which might be standard work, flow charts, FMEA, root cause analysis, 5S, problem solving tools, or any other priorities at the top of your list for continuous process improvement.

If you are a leader in a lean enterprise

then you know that it is ultimately your responsibility
to empower your people with consistent continuous improvement tools and lean systems
for your organization's lean transformation throughout your (perhaps wide-spread) enterprise.

If you are a lean consultant

then you want to empower your clients with teachable, repeatable tools and systems
to lead them around each next corner of their lean journey.

If your company already owns Systems2win

Your Systems2win templates come with free New User Training to quickly learn features that are common to all 150+ templates

then once you get your process improvement tools installed,
be sure to complete the free New User Training

and don't hesitate to use your free support

to get the most from your systems, training, and tools for continuous process improvement

If your company is not (yet) supportive

then you might choose to own your own professional tools
that you can take with you through your entire career,

because in the end, your performance evaluation is based on your performance.

Welcome to Systems2win — where our mission is

to help you continuously improve your systems for continuous improvement

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