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FMEA Template Personalization

Advanced training for your Systems2win FMEA template

Personalizations made by each Team

Your leaders should have already personalized your master template with all of the things in the section below, and then you (as the Author of YOUR working document), can make further personalizations unique to your working document —

including changes to any of the below, and...

Personalize your team roles

FMEA Team worksheet

On the Team sheet, define your team — including Roles, Responsibilities, contact information, and the Team Codes (which will appear in the dropdown lists on the main FMEA form).

You shouldn't need to personalize anything about the Attendance Log — which is already pre-formatted to track the total number of meetings and total number of hours in meetings for each Team Member (in compliance with ISO requirements).

Personalize your Failure Modes, Effects, and Causes

Failure Modes for one level of FMEA might be Effects or Causes at another level. (See training for Inter-Related FMEA's)

Therefore, it is impossible for your leaders to pre-populate your master FMEA with pre-defined Failure Modes, Effects, and Causes that will be correct for every level. So it is up to your team to use the Sentencing Technique to get them right for YOUR FMEA.

Personalizations made by your Higher Level Process Improvement Facilitators

Easily Personalize your Master FMEA template

using everything you already know about familiar Microsoft Excel

in a way that your personalizations can be automatically found and transferred to your new master templates every time that you upgrade.

Learn more

your leaders should have already personalized your master template for...

dropdown list
  1. Your company's default Dropdown lists (on the 'DV' sheet)

    for faster data entry, and fewer data entry mistakes.

    The FMEA template has more dropdown lists than any other Systems2win template... for things like YOUR items, processes, functions, requirements, failure modes, causes, effects, detection methods, corrective actions...

  2. Your company's default Team structure (on the 'Team' sheet)
  3. FMEA Class CodesYour company's default Rating scales (on the 'Rating' sheet)
  4. Your company's default Header fields (on the 'VC' sheet)

    Your Systems2win template has a special shared sheet that allows you to enter data in one place, and have that data populate cells in many related sheets in the workbook.


How to personalize your

Excel FMEA template

Before distributing your master FMEA template, your leaders should have already personalized it.

(as well as the Control Plan, P-Diagram, Process Flow Diagram, and all of the other templates used in the various stages of DFMEA and PFMEA development)

In addition to the standard instructions for how to personalize your Systems2win templates,
here are some additional personalization features unique to your FMEA template...

Personalize any user-defined terminology

For example, some systems and processes are more focused on 'errors' rather than 'failures', so the team wants the title of the document to be Error Mode and Effects Analysis (EMEA), rather than FMEA.

Any Systems2win Excel template can be easily personalized with terminology of your choice.

Personalize your dropdown lists

dropdown list

User-defined dropdown lists dramatically reduce data entry errors —

thereby making Filter so much more reliable
when you want to filter and analyze your list

The FMEA has more dropdown lists than any other Excel template

with lists for Item/Process, Function, Requirement, Process Requirement, Failure Mode, Cause, Effect, Prevention Method, Detection Method, Action, and more.

Your leaders should have already personalized the DV sheet in your master template

with YOUR company's typical data — and then you as the document Author
can easily add additional items to each list for things that are unique to YOUR working document.

Personalize your user-defined header fields

Use the VC sheet to personalize the fields at the top of the document —
so that YOUR template requires users to enter the data needed by YOUR company.

In a way that your personalized user-defined header fields are automatically found and transferred
to your new master template each time that you upgrade.

Personalize your rating scales

FMEA Class Codes

On the Rating sheet, you can personalize your rating criteria using User Substitutions — in the same way that you can personalize text in ANY Systems2win template.

And you can also enter your own Action PriorityCode numbers in those tables— knowing that your Codes will be automatically found and transferred every time you upgrade.


Use your Customization Log

All of the above personalizations will be automatically found and transferred every time your upgrade your master templates.

If you make any other changes
(that won't be automatically found and transferred every time that you upgrade),
then be sure to use your Customization Log — to jot down a quick reminder to make those same changes to your new template each time you upgrade.

(But it should be a short list, because the Systems2win Personalization Upgrade Utility will automatically find and transfer most common personalizations)


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